Karen Denise Lewis

Karen is a Servant Evangelist of the Lord Jesus Christ, a mother of two boys, now men and she knows the challenges many mothers face raising their children. She knows the personal desire to ensure your children have the best, become the best they can be and to live successful lives. As her own story details, sometimes many mothers have felt like they have no other choice in life, or are at their wit's end, and as a result, they make what seems in the moment are the only decision they have to offer a better life for their children. Unfortunately, as Karen writes about in her book, her choice led to an experience that forever changed her life and took her on an unexpected journey.

Since taken that "wrong way" turn, Karen has taken the wisdom yielded from making that wrong turn many years ago and shares her story openly with a goal to empower, motivate and help those who my be contemplating making such a turn avoid an unnecessary and very painful journey. 

Karen's life’s experiences have afforded her the platform to speak with conviction regarding her own personal experiences of homelessness, incarceration and wrong, life choices and the consequences derived, and the beauty that comes from the victory in overcoming.

It’s all of Karen’s life experiences that make her such a powerful voice of influence and motivation, and one whom many have come to find as a source of great positivity in their lives.

Karen is a power house with the story, the passion and the love of God that drives her to share her victory that has only comes through her God!

Karen represents many women and mothers and speaks for those who have no voice or are afraid to lift their voice.