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Karen’s love for God and for people was the determining factor in her choosing to be vividly transparent as she put pen to paper to tell her “Detours” and “Wrong Way” trips down “Hustle Alley to Greed Street.” She understands how people of God and non-believers are tempted and tried by what seems to be right for the moment. This is an explosive and life changing book.

Karen is a wonderful writer and story-teller and has the innate ability to draw you into to her life and experiences, leaving you with a feeling of hope! “Detour to Straight Street” will leave you desiring more of your life as you embark on a journey to leave the “Wrong Way” and head towards “Straight Street.”

Karen's riveting story as shared in her newly released book, “Detour to Straight Street” is a powerful book and a peek into what many women and mother's have faced raising their children, and unfortunately, choices that some mothers may very well be considering out of desperation.

Author Karen D. Lewis shares her beliefs as to why women and others may sometimes choose to travel the wrong roads looking to bandage their pain and satisfy their emptiness. She notes her reasons for detouring from straight street were the results of her desire and need to feel loved again and independent as a single mother. After a recent divorce, stress eating and weight gain, Karen found herself in financial ruin.

Having lost everything, she engaged in a side -hustle that landed her in jail. Karen further explains how pride, greed and un-forgiveness can kill one’s soul. Today, she travels and speaks to all who will listen as she takes you on her journey from Detour to Straight Street!”